Peppermint OS 4 is out!

Hey everyone, just thought i would share the news about the latest Peppermint OS release! Yup it’s the 4th Peppermint OS release, and it’s pretty awesome! Light weight, and super fast, and built from Ubuntu 13.04, and Mint! I am currently running the 32bit version on my laptop. (I know, i know, i switch around alot with distros). I just cant help myself. I wish i could use them all in one mega Linux OS, lol. Anyway, go on over to Check out their new site, it’s pretty awesome, and check out the latest release!





Steam crashing while viewing game pages in 64bit Linux (With Videos)

So my steam has been crashing every time i go to browse the store for games. It only seems to be crashing with games that have video previews. So this to me sounds like a flash player problem. Since im running Linux mint 15 64bit, i needed to put in “ (32bit)” in my “~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/plugins” folder. Since inside “/ubuntu12_32” doesn’t have a folder called “/plugins“, i just had to make one with “mkdir plugins“. Then i grabbed the latest copy of the 32bit flash player from ““, by selecting “linux(32bit)” as my operating system, and grabbing the “.tar.gz” file. Then extracted the “” file in the new “/plugins” folder inside of my “/ubuntu12_32” directory.

   This problem most likely has been posted everywhere, and people have figured this solution out before, but oddly in my 64bit..i had never had to do this until just a few days ago. It had always just worked without doing so. Anyway..for those who do need this solution, i am posting it.

My steam is working well now. Good luck!


Linux Mint 14 upgrade to Linux Mint 15

So i am trying to upgrade from Linux Mint 14, to Linux Mint 15, by following these steps.

1.) sudo sed -i 's/quantal/raring/' /etc/apt/sources.list

2.) sudo sed -i 's/nadia/olivia/' /etc/apt/sources.list

3.) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

4.) sudo apt-get upgrade

5.) sudo shutdown -r now

As for when it asks me if i want new configuration files, i will press Y. I will let you all know how my upgrade process went. Ive never had any luck going from one version of mint to the next, without having to re-format.


Data General One Model 2 (1984)

So i just wanted to share this old piece of ancient history. (More like a paperweight now)..haha. I got this from my roomate, and i have gotten it to start up. It requires a Dos disk to boot up, and i haven’t seen one of those in years. I can boot it up to a menu, but that’s about it. I have been looking into creating a set of Floppix disks to boot into a unix command line. Other than that, i really dont know what i could use it for. It just sits in my room, collecting dust..haha

Anyway, here are the specs, and a picture of this dinosaur.

CPU: 80C88 – 4 Mhz

RAM: 128-512Kb


Screen: 80×25 LCD Monochrome

Graphics: 640×256 (CGA)

Storage: 1 or 2 internal 3.5″ 720Kb, external 5.25″ 360Kb

Serial Port: 1 RS232C/RS-422, 1 RS-232C

Price back then: 2895 USD

So yeah…haha this thing is ancient.


Hope you enjoyed this!


Play Space Station 13 via Wine in Linux!

This game is one of my all time favorites. It has a steep learning curve to it, but omg it is so much fun when you get the hang of it. Here is how you can play it on Linux!

1.) Get the Byond client from this link

2.) Run the installer with wine.

3.) You will need to get mfc42.dll from  (click on “DOWNLOAD ZIP-FILE”)

4.) Extract the contents of the to .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/BYOND/bin

5.) There should be a BYOND icon on your desktop after the install. You can now run it just by double clicking on it.

6.) You will now need to make a BYOND account.

7.) After you register, login, and you can now add locations for Space Station 13

8.) Go to File, and then Open Location.

9.) Add “byond://” <– This is the NOX server. One of my Favorites.

10.) Enjoy playing!

I hope this helps out.


DLLNotFoundException:Libc6 ( Planet Explorers ) Nvidia Optimus

So i have been trying to run the new Linux client of Planet Explorers, on my Laptop. I have been getting an error after the Pathea logo. I have tried the client on my desktop with a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 2GB, and it’s been working well. I have been getting the following error.


Here is a screenshot of it.


I have posted it on their website, and am waiting for a reply with some help. I will keep in touch on any updates. Not sure if i am the only one having this problem, but either way, i will figure this out.


Unmuting Your Mic For Live Speaker Output. (PULSEAUDIO)

So i play guitar, and while im using my computer, i like to plug in my guitar to my mic jack, and play along with the drum beats that i make on Hydrogen. I noticed at first that when i plugged it in, i couldn’t hear the sound of it coming out of my speakers, and that the Pulse Audio Volume Control Settings didn’t have the option to unmute it. So i did some research, and found a way to temporarily loop the output from the mic jack to my speakers, from a command line. This way when i was done messing around, i could just turn it off, and things went back to normal.

Anyway! Here are the commands i did to make this happen!

1.) Open a Terminal

2.) To turn it on, type in “pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=10

3.) To turn it off when you are done, type in “pactl unload-module (Module Number)

Ok i need to explain something. After you type in the command to start it. A number appears right after you press enter. It’s the module number. Mine on my system says “24“. Yours might be different, but i am not sure. So whatever that number is that pops up, you add it the end of the kill process when you are done using it. EXAMPLE = “pactl unload-module 24

This will turn off the output from your mic, and put your speakers back to normal. Note that if you are using the front jack on your computer (which some computers have), that you will have to go into your pulse audio settings, and change it to the jack that you are using. When i used the front, i got a feedback that made my cat take off running and hide behind the couch. Alot of front mic jacks have terrible feedback, haha.

Well i hope this helps you out!


PS: There is a way to make it always stay on from startup, but i will only post that How-To if requested. I dont really see the need to have it always on.

What i have been up to (Non Linux Related)

Well, i haven’t had much time lately to do any Linux Fix it posts, due to working a ton at my night job. I work at Home Depot, on the freight crew, and since it’s starting to get nicer outside, it has been really busy. Freight has been coming in 2 or 3 trucks at a time. I almost feel like i live there, more than i do at home.

In other news, i went in today to try and see what i could do about trading in my 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250r for a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650r. They gave me a quote on what they would give me for the trade in, and said they would try to send me home on a 650, without having any down payment. I waited an hour in the building walking around while they talked to the bank. They said they would approve my loan, and give me a 7.59% APR, compared to my current, which is at a horrible 23%, and my monthly payments would be $170 dollars, instead of my current $200 dollars a month. I got really excited, and thought hell yeah!, i get to ride home a 650. Then he said, “but the bank would like to see $1880 dollars for a down payment”. Then all that happy feeling went away.  I didn’t have $1880, nor could i save up that much. I make just enough to pay bills; That’s it. So it looks like i wont  be getting my 650r.

Anyway, i hope other people are having much better luck than i am.


The Realm! Point and Click Adventure Game, needs your help!

I dont normaly post things like this, since it’s not related to errors or configuring something in Linux, but the devs @ “Atomhawk” have just announced that they will be creating a Linux Version! The artwork for this game is looking amazing, and i cant wait for it to finish! They need funding on Kickstarter, so im spreading the word to all Linux Gamers, about the news! If we can get them to their goal, not only will we have a awesome game available for Linux, but hopefuly they will continue to support Linux for future game releases!

Check it out. I would love to see them overwhelming struck with a storm of Linux supporters.