Steam crashing while viewing game pages in 64bit Linux (With Videos)

So my steam has been crashing every time i go to browse the store for games. It only seems to be crashing with games that have video previews. So this to me sounds like a flash player problem. Since im running Linux mint 15 64bit, i needed to put in “ (32bit)” in my “~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/plugins” folder. Since inside “/ubuntu12_32” doesn’t have a folder called “/plugins“, i just had to make one with “mkdir plugins“. Then i grabbed the latest copy of the 32bit flash player from ““, by selecting “linux(32bit)” as my operating system, and grabbing the “.tar.gz” file. Then extracted the “” file in the new “/plugins” folder inside of my “/ubuntu12_32” directory.

   This problem most likely has been posted everywhere, and people have figured this solution out before, but oddly in my 64bit..i had never had to do this until just a few days ago. It had always just worked without doing so. Anyway..for those who do need this solution, i am posting it.

My steam is working well now. Good luck!