Random Steam UI problems after Xorg updates.

Anyone else notice that after getting updates for xorg files from the “Edgers PPA”, causes Steams UI to have terrible glitches? It’s not on just one desktop environment, but so far from what i have tested, it is happening on LXDE, and Cinnamon. I try to search these things, but dont ever see anyone posting that they have this problem. I will get to the bottom of this!


EXAMPLE of a drop down menu.


Peppermint OS 4 is out!

Hey everyone, just thought i would share the news about the latest Peppermint OS release! Yup it’s the 4th Peppermint OS release, and it’s pretty awesome! Light weight, and super fast, and built from Ubuntu 13.04, and Mint! I am currently running the 32bit version on my laptop. (I know, i know, i switch around alot with distros). I just cant help myself. I wish i could use them all in one mega Linux OS, lol. Anyway, go on over to http://www.peppermintos.com. Check out their new site, it’s pretty awesome, and check out the latest release!