Installing RIFT via Wine in Linux.

So i noticed that RIFT went Free 2 Play, and since i only use Linux, i really wanted to get it working…..and i did! So i will try and put down the steps i followed to get it working well. I know a few people may have problems doing so, but we will work them out as we go.


1.) I am running Wine ver 1.5.31 <– add the repo from, and get updated. (if you dont have the latest version already)

2.) I am running Peppermint Linux OS Four 32bit, and as a fresh install i was missing a few things. I had to install “libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0” via “sudo apt-get install libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0“. This step solved a issue that i would get while just running it with my intel card on my laptop. The game would load, but there would be no coloring, and all the shadows were grey and black.¬†Installing this fixed that, and i got all color back.

3.) I had to run winecfg and set the windows version to “Windows 7”.

4.) I then had to install a few things with winetricks:

winetricks vcrun2008

winetricks d3dx9

winetricks vcrun2005

5.) I then just ran “winetricks” in the terminal by itself and the GUI opened up. I had to set a few options in here.

First when the window opens, go to “Set the default wine prefix

then go to “Change Settings

then select the following things in the list.





Then press the OK button. It will change all the wine settings.

6.) Now we need to install RIFT. I noticed the installer from their website would not load in wine for me. I had to grab it from this link: . Download this and run it with “wine Rift_LIVE_Patcher_setup.exe“, or you might just be able to right click on the file in your downloads folder and just select open with wine.

7.) once it installs it will ask you to log in (Make an account if you dont have one on their site). Then once you sign in, you can start the updating / downloading of the entire game. It does get to a point where it says the game is playable, but i just let it finish. (I would let the game fully download, because when you try to load your character, it will give you an error “Unable to Download More Data”) But if you let it download completely it wont be a problem.

So that is pretty much the setup and the install. There are a few more things i need to explain. When the game starts up for me, it Flashes franticly during the movie intro, and loading screens. I once found a way to fix that, but the solution was pointing to editing a file that i cannot seem to find anymore. Now in the game settings, i had to run the game on low graphics, and check off “Low Quality Rendering” in the Settings menu under “VIDEO”, then “ADVANCED”. Besides the video flickering during loading screens and movies, the game runs amazingly, at 1600×900 fullscreen on my laptop.

Now for people who have the Optimus setup, and would like to use the NVIDIA card. Mine was throwing a fit at first, and wouldn’t let me load it via “optirun wine riftpatchlive.exe“. It would give me a msvcp90.dll error. So i ended up messing around with it, and found that using primusrun was working. So i just decided to make a bash script in my “RIFT Game” folder, called “opti-rift“, then i added the following


primusrun wine /home/chuck/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/RIFT\ Game/riftpatchlive.exe

Then i saved it, and did “chmod +x opti-rift“.

Notice where it says “chuck” (thats me)… change it to your username. If you have a 64bit computer, you obviously need to change “Program\ Files/“, to “Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/“, unless you are running a 32bit wine bottle.

Making this script allowed me to make a shortcut on my desktop as well. If you get into any issues with getting a shortcut to work properly, i will help out. ALSO note, that while using the Nvidia card to run RIFT in wine, that the game will complain when you get into your character menu about your Nvidia drivers being OUT OF DATE. Just ignore that. It doesn’t recognize Linux nor your Video Driver version.

I hope this is helpful, and i will be expecting to hear from you with errors and such. Hahaha, it always happens, but I will be here to help you out.


As you can tell in the picture, my character is named Mintylinux ;D. You can find me on the Hailol server.