Steam crashing while viewing game pages in 64bit Linux (With Videos)

So my steam has been crashing every time i go to browse the store for games. It only seems to be crashing with games that have video previews. So this to me sounds like a flash player problem. Since im running Linux mint 15 64bit, i needed to put in “ (32bit)” in my “~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/plugins” folder. Since inside “/ubuntu12_32” doesn’t have a folder called “/plugins“, i just had to make one with “mkdir plugins“. Then i grabbed the latest copy of the 32bit flash player from ““, by selecting “linux(32bit)” as my operating system, and grabbing the “.tar.gz” file. Then extracted the “” file in the new “/plugins” folder inside of my “/ubuntu12_32” directory.

   This problem most likely has been posted everywhere, and people have figured this solution out before, but oddly in my 64bit..i had never had to do this until just a few days ago. It had always just worked without doing so. Anyway..for those who do need this solution, i am posting it.

My steam is working well now. Good luck!


The Realm! Point and Click Adventure Game, needs your help!

I dont normaly post things like this, since it’s not related to errors or configuring something in Linux, but the devs @ “Atomhawk” have just announced that they will be creating a Linux Version! The artwork for this game is looking amazing, and i cant wait for it to finish! They need funding on Kickstarter, so im spreading the word to all Linux Gamers, about the news! If we can get them to their goal, not only will we have a awesome game available for Linux, but hopefuly they will continue to support Linux for future game releases!

Check it out. I would love to see them overwhelming struck with a storm of Linux supporters.


Streaming to in Ubuntu Linux!

So apparently i am writing this like a new post. I had a script for streaming to with ffmpeg, but apparently it doesn’t work for that anymore. So i found a script on github that i will share with you. This time it is using avconv.

Open a terminal, and create a file in your home directory or where ever you want, and name it “twitch-stream“, with this command “touch twitch-stream“. Then open it with a editor, and add this script to it.

#! /bin/bash
# originaly from from taladan
# gist created by brodul
INRES=”1600×900″ # input resolution
OUTRES=”1600×900″ # Output resolution
FPS=”30″ # target FPS
STREAM_KEY=$(cat ~/.twitch_key)
avconv \
-f x11grab -s $INRES -r “$FPS” -i :0.0 \
-f alsa -ac 2 -i pulse \
-vcodec libx264 -s $OUTRES -preset $QUAL \
-acodec libmp3lame -ar 44100 -threads 6 -qscale 3 -b 712000 -bufsize 512k \
-f flv “rtmp://$STREAM_KEY”
Ok so apparently this one is simular to the last one i had on here.
1.) set your INRES=
2.) set your OUTRES=
3.) set your FPS=
4.) you can set your QUAL=  <– i have it set to ultrafast. Really depends on your bandwith
5.) this script is telling us to put your live twitch key in a file in your home directory called “.twitch_key” .. so in our home directory we just type in “touch .twitch_key“, and then get our key from (you must be logged in to, and press the “Show Key” button on the right) Copy and past your key into “.twitch_key”, then save it.
6.) then run “chmod +x twitch-stream
I just tested this out on my laptop and i had to install something extra, because it was giving me an error “Unrecognized option ‘preset’ Failed to set value ‘ultrafast’ for option ‘preset’“. So i did “sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53", and tried to run my script again. It started up, and i was able to view it on my twitch page. Also found out that sound wasn't working, so i noticed in the script that it is using libmp3lame. So make sure you install lame with "sudo apt-get install lame". It should now work well.
I hope this works out better than the last script with ffmpeg. I know it was working for me when i first created that last one, but it wasn’t working when i just tried it. Sorry for all that confusion.
PS: if you want to stream to, you just change the line on the bottom from “rtmp://$STREAM_KEY“, to “rtmp://$STREAM_KEY