What i have been up to (Non Linux Related)

Well, i haven’t had much time lately to do any Linux Fix it posts, due to working a ton at my night job. I work at Home Depot, on the freight crew, and since it’s starting to get nicer outside, it has been really busy. Freight has been coming in 2 or 3 trucks at a time. I almost feel like i live there, more than i do at home.

In other news, i went in today to try and see what i could do about trading in my 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250r for a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650r. They gave me a quote on what they would give me for the trade in, and said they would try to send me home on a 650, without having any down payment. I waited an hour in the building walking around while they talked to the bank. They said they would approve my loan, and give me a 7.59% APR, compared to my current, which is at a horrible 23%, and my monthly payments would be $170 dollars, instead of my current $200 dollars a month. I got really excited, and thought hell yeah!, i get to ride home a 650. Then he said, “but the bank would like to see $1880 dollars for a down payment”. Then all that happy feeling went away.¬† I didn’t have $1880, nor could i save up that much. I make just enough to pay bills; That’s it. So it looks like i wont¬† be getting my 650r.

Anyway, i hope other people are having much better luck than i am.