AR9462 WLAN/BT-Combo Bluetooth 4.0 driver bug Linux Mint 14 (SOLVED)

Ok so my bluetooth adapter is a AR9462 WLAN/BT-Combo. It wasn’t picking up any bluetooth devices at all, nor could any device find it. Found out that it was a bug with the ath3k driver, so i found the fix on Someone had uploaded a patch to fix the error, and i installed it. IT WORKS NOW!.. woo!

Here is the link to the patch

after you get this .deb file you need to do three commands in the terminal

1.)  “sudo dpkg -i ar9462-dkms_1.4-3.5_all.deb”  <— this will give you an error that we will fix in the next two steps

2.) “sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.5.0-21-generic

3.) “sudo dkms install ar9462/1.4-3.5

Then restart your computer, and it should be working for you too!