Hi! my name is Chuck, and im a Linux fanatic!Β  Ive been using linux for 10+ years, and i have been through many different distributions learning new things, and trying different things. I have made this blog to help people with errors that may happen from everything to Games not loading properly to Hardware errors / configuring. So when i run into an error, while using Linux, i will be posting it; as well as the Solution. The solutions may not come all at once..i will post the issue first, and in replies i will post the progress towards the solutions. As for problems i have already encountered and fixed, i will be posting them as well.

Thanks, and i hope i can help you if you run into the same problem!



Steam name: Minty-Linux

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  1. Lana says:

    Thank you so much for creating this blog; it has been extremely helpful!

  2. cheZ says:

    hi there πŸ™‚ i ran across your blog posts about Linux Mint , and thought to ask you about it as you sound like you know what you are doing. is there possibly any way you might describe in the simplest terms if you might know , step by step , how to simply install Mint 14 ( 64bit Cinnamon ) on a Lenovo y580 ? the reason i ask is that i think i might have made a huge mistake …i won an auction on ebay for a Lenovo y580 thinking i could simply install Mint on it via an install disc ( to replace my old Lenovo f41 which is running Mint 11 …and which is dying / and on the way out ) , but in reading some / many forum posts / threads , it seems it is next to impossible to install Mint on the Lenovo y580 , and even if one manages to install Mint , many things don’t work or function properly. wondering now if i should seriously consider cancelling this ebay purchase as i just wanted a good newer replacement laptop that would easily install and run Mint. i had planned to simply wipe windows off the y580 , and install Linux Mint via disc ( a clean install ) , and then simply move all my files over the this new laptop ( i have done this in the past with other laptops ) , any advice & suggestions welcome as i must either move forward , or cancel this purchase right away. i cannot use windows , all my files & data are all in Mint. any help / advice truly appreciated , im in a pickle now 😦
    anyway , i thought to get your feedback / advice on this situation as im in something of a quandary now , and unsure what to do. anyway , thanks for taking the time to read this πŸ™‚

  3. cheZ says:

    thank you so much my kind friend πŸ™‚ ! frankly i have been so worried ( still on the fence about the y580 purchase ) that i have been researching too , and the information is sketchy on a few things. yes , the touchpad issue which i have seen mentioned as a potential problem on some threads. and also the actual install itself as a either just a simple clean install of just Linux Mint , or to install Linux Mint with Windows 8 together with a grub …that seems hit or miss also. i am wondering if the new version of Linux Mint 15 ( due in May ) will address any of these issues , and if there will be a fix for both Secure Boor and / or Uefi . what are your thoughts about that possibility ? yes , please let me know of any patches or workarounds you find related to the y560 / Linux Mint , as that would be incredibly helpful πŸ™‚ im still trying to understand Bumblebee , which seems a bit complicated for the average Linux user. i so really appreciate whatever advice you can offer on anything. and hey …love your bike , WOW , that is hot !!

    • orkultus says:

      Hey im always glad to help out :). As for Linux Mint 15, it’s going to have kernel 3.9 i believe, and it should have many new things. Kernel 3.9 is going to have a patch as well for Nvidia Optimus that will allow the Nvidia Devs to supply a better graphics driver. Found here. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTMwMjI . As for doing dual booting with windows 8. My laptop can do it just fine (although id rather just use linux). All you have to do is change the boot mode in bios from UEFI to Legacy mode. I know ubuntu already has this, but They have an option to install ubuntu while the computer is in UEFI.(most likely your better bet)…cause every time you want to boot back into windows 8, you have to go back into bios to turn it back on to UEFI mode, then back to legacy mode to boot back into Linux. It’s annoying. I am sure Linux Mint will have that option. I have the instructions on how to get into the bios from windows 8 in my “how to install Linux Mint 14 on my acer” blog. As for bumblebee..It is pretty straight forward. You really dont need to edit any config files, unless you plan on using something other than the nvidia-current driver. I have the instructions as well on my blog. You just have to get use to using the command “optirun”, or “primus” before a game or 3d application command. It works pretty well. Thanks for the comment on my bike..haha, i picked that up last May, and it was brand new. It’s a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Very fun little bike. I love it.

      Anyway, if you think of any more questions to ask me, or need some help.. just ask away. I will do my best to help yah out.


  4. cheZ says:

    thanks for all that info my friend , it really helps make a difference in my purchase of this Lenovo y580 , which i am going ahead with now based on reading all the things you sent as well as a few threads i found. hope you dont mind i included your research in a thread on the Mint Forums ;


    > i wrote that thread in the hope it might help some other poor soul with the similar dilemma. i will be staying in touch with you and sending you anything i find related to these issues also. there is a link about dual booting in with those links above which i think you might find interesting to read , as it offers a way to have a grub to boot from with both windows and mint installed. oh yes , your bike looks like a lot of great fun , and the photo is very cool …love the saturated green , makes the bike look surreal πŸ™‚ anywayz . thanks again for all ….you are very kind to take the time and an interest in my questions , and i appreciate that more than you know πŸ™‚ all the best !! cheZ

    • orkultus says:

      Feel free to share any of the information i post with anyone. It’s here to help. You are also allowed to share the link to my blog. https://orkultus.wordpress.com . As for my situation with windows 8 and Linux. I currently do have both installed. I switched my bios to Legacy mode and re-installed both Windows 8 and Linux. So they share the grub loader. I kept Linux Mint 14 on my Desktop PC, and i have switched to my other fav linux distro “Peppermint OS Three” on my Laptop. Setup was the same as Linux Mint 14 when it came to bumblebee. Only thing i didn’t add was “acpi_osi=Linux” and “acpi_backlight=Vendor”, to my grub line. Found out that when you dont add “acpi_backlight=vendor”, your computer loads to the desktop and the screen is off.. It’s just a simple brightness adjustment. When you turn up the brightness with your FN key, the screen lights up back to normal. So i guess it wasn’t needed.


      • cheZ says:

        hello my friend ! that is interesting about the brightness adjustment with the grub on Peppermint ( which , after reading about in detail , seems like a really strong alternative to Mint frankly ). quite possibly i will install Peppermint onto my older Lenovo y410 once i finish with this install of Mint 15 on the y580 …which i have purchased and have now πŸ™‚ i wanted to let you know , that i posted / linked your Blog on the Mint Forums , as i think many others will also find your Blog most helpful too ( http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=130231&p=710623#p710623 ). im now waiting on some hardware components for the y580 to upgrade it a bit , and will be checking in with you to let you know how all that goes πŸ™‚ hope this finds you very well indeed , and enjoying the start of spring on your bike ! all the best πŸ™‚ ~ cheZ

  5. orkultus says:

    Well thank you very much, and im very happy i could help you out. When you get your new hardware components, i will be around to help you out if you have any problems πŸ™‚


  6. cheZ says:

    hi Orkultus ~ hope all is well with you ! i had a couple of questions regarding the initial install of Mint 15 olivia on my y580 Mint 15 Olivia , and i wondered if you might have the time these days to respond ( know you are very busy ) , please let me know when you have a spare moment. thanks much & hope to speak soon ! ~ cheZ

  7. cheZ says:

    hi Chuck ~ thanks for the reply πŸ™‚ well here is a run-down of my current situation and a few confusing issues i am encountering ; i have my new Lenovo y580 ( running windows 7 ) which has the stock 500gb HD & 32gb mSata. i have ( since i last spoke to you a few months back ) purchased a new Samsung 512gb SSD , and a new 256gb Intel mSata. my plan is to remove the old stock 500gb HD & old stock 32gb mSata in the y580 , and then swap / replace both using the new 512gb SSD & the 256gb mSata. My plan is to install Mint 15 onto the new 256gb mSata , and to use that mSata as the boot drive , and then use the 512gb SSD for storage. i have burned onto DVD the latest ( as of yesterday ) Mint 15 ( Cinnamon ) 64bit which includes the codecs too. i have hesitated on starting this operation for a couple of reasons. firstly ; i need to know how to get past the UIEF / Secure boot issue on the Lenovo y580 ( what exactly i would need to change in the bios in order to even get the Mint Live DVD to be recognized ). secondly , i would need to have an exact plan ( step by step ) on how to ; install the new 256gb mSata ( removing the current stock 32gb mSata , and also removing the stock 500gb HD at the same time ) and then … installing Mint on the 256gb mSata ( from the Live Mint 15 DVD ) ….and then , changing the boot order in the bios so that this new 256gb mSata is recognized as the y580 OS / Boot drive. and then ….after all this is done & working , installing / formatting the new 512gb SSD drive ( in place of the old stock 500gb HD ). i am hoping to do all of this listed above while my older laptop is still working decently ….and once i am done setting up the new Lenovo y580 laptop ….i will move all my Data over from my old laptop over to the new y580 laptop.
    naturally , as far as all the above questions and issues ….i have been reading all i can in the past week ( and even before as you know ) related to these topics on the Internet forums etc. it is a bit hard to find simple straight answers that apply directly to my situation as most forum threads are concerned with dual booting ( windows & mint ) , which i do not plan to do … i simply want a Linux Mint system. in fact , i will simply wipe windows 7 off the old stock 500gb HD once i remove it from the y580 ….as i plan to just use it ( in an external usb enclosure ) as an external storage / backup drive.
    so please let me know if have been clear in my descriptions above , and if all makes sense with what i propose to do. i realize , as some people have mentioned on the forums , that there may be some initial difficulties with the y580 touchpad ( using mint OS ) , and possibly the wifi / Ethernet ( driver ) upon a Mint install , as well as using the Nvidia Optimus graphics under Mint ( i will have to figure out how to install and use bumblebee ) ….and possibly a battery life / charging issue on the y580 using Mint ( Lenovo’s power management utility cannot be used under Mint ) , but other than those specific issues …i do not know of any other potential problems i might face installing / using Mint on the Lenovo y580. please let me know if i am unaware of anything else.
    i am sure you are very busy , so please respond at your own convenience once you have had a chance to make sense of all i have written above πŸ™‚ hope all is very well with you , and thanks in advance for any answers / advice / opinions you can offer , i sincerely appreciate πŸ™‚ i look forward to speaking soon ! all the best ~ cheZ ( chezstudio@gmail.com )

    • orkultus says:

      So as i would do it, i would put the hardrive that i wanted to use for the OS in the first hardrive slot. Then the second one will go into the second slot. Install Mint 15 on the first hardrive (/dev/sda), and once you are in Linux Mint, install gparted, and format the second hardrive. Give it a file system such as ext4 or whatever you desire. As for putting games such like steam games, they usually go /home/user/.local side. So you would have to setup steam some how to install games to the hardrive. If that is possible…not sure. OR…when setting up mint, you can customize the install, but setting up the /home directory on the second hardrive. If you are using games from .run or .bin files..or extracting from .tar.gz, you always have that option to extract or install them to the second drive. AS for bumblebee, i stopped using it. I now use nvidia prime. So my desktop runs off the Nvidia card full time. Since i am not worried about battery power, and i have my laptop plugged in while using it at all times. But if you are worried about battery power, the bumblebee setup is pretty straight forward..just look at my post about setting that up.

      I also heard about some issues about the touchpad on those lenovos running linux. I may have supplied a link to some help. I am not sure, but if that becomes a issue, please let me know.

      Thanks, and good luck..i will be here for further questions


  8. orkultus says:

    ALSO, i had forgot something…that UEFI bios…well on my laptop that natively ran off of UEFI, it showed no option to go into bios..but i did some search that says to press F2 anyways..the second you see the manufacturer name pop up. It let me go into BIOS and turn off UEFI to Legacy boot. If that does not work for you, let me know.

  9. cheZ says:

    hi Chuck ~ appreciate all your kind advice & help πŸ™‚ i managed to piece it all together and get it done thanks to a little persistence and much info from various forums / posts / people like you …thanks so much. i wrote about it here ; http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=144651 . guess the next thing to deal with is moving over my mint Home folder /data to this new y580 Laptop , and then possibly checking into the graphics cards issues ( using bumblebee maybe etc ). if you have any other advice , please don’t hesitate to let me know. also please feel free to add to this forum post as i am sure there are others out there like us who would find any of your experience quite useful. thanks again , and hope this note finds you very well indeed my friend πŸ™‚ all the best ! cheZ

    • orkultus says:

      Great news my friend πŸ™‚

      About bumblebee..it should be pretty much straight forward. Just check out my how to on that, and you should have no problems.


  10. cheZ says:

    hi Chuck ~ yes , thanks so much πŸ™‚ frankly it was a great relief to get it all done as the screen is slowly going on my old laptop , so i was feeling some pressure. i mentioned both you & your most excellent blog and all the help & resources you provided in my final post on several of the threads i had going in the linux forums regarding this install of Mint on the y580. wanted to sincerely thank you again :). yes , i absolutely will be dealing with bumblebee shortly ( after a deep breath πŸ™‚ , and certainly will be checking in detail your how-to ( do you have a direct link on that ? cant seem to locate it ). i did read with great interest your post about Nvidia Prime , although im not sure if i am ready to attempt anything like that. wonder if there will be support in the future , some kind of driver perhaps , for Nvidia graphics on Mint …someday soon i hope. i did run across this link ( ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/ ) someone posted about checking periodically to see if a driver might be released , i bookmarked it for what it is worth πŸ™‚ anyway , thanks again for everything , glad to see you back on your blog ! look forward to speaking again very soon ! all the best πŸ™‚ ~ cheZ

  11. cheZ says:

    hey there Chuck ! i ran across this link regarding Nvidia & y580 and thought of you , it’s an interesting read and thought you might find it useful in some way ( and could probably even improve on the methods used ). hope all is well with you ! ~ cheZ


    • orkultus says:

      Well this is another way of doing things πŸ™‚ Sound like a walkthrough that could come useful. As for the way i setup my Nvidia prime; it hasn’t had any problems at all. So i wont touch it. Hopefully after Kernel 3.12 that new Nvidia patch for Optimus support will fix everything. Thanks cheZ!


  12. cheZ says:

    this sheds some light on the state of things too >

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