Got a new(old) Server! Dell Poweredge 2900

So my work was cleaning out a ton of old computers. There had to be like at least 10 pentium 4 desktops with like 256mb ram. A few Celeron desktops with like a gig of ram, but the company president came up to me and asked me if i wanted a few of the old servers. I was like “YES!”. So i went in the back, and he had these two HUGE, heavy ass servers. One was a Dell Poweredge 2600 (Doesn’t Work), and a Dell Poweredge 2900 (Currently running Peppermint OS Four under my desk).

The Dell 2600, doesn’t have any hardrives, but it does have some ancient stuff in it. It has a cd-rom / 3 1/4 inch floppy drive combo..which i though was like .. WOAH. But the thing that brings back memories is the Tape Drive, that is right underneath of it. I haven’t seen one of those in years..haha. So i think i will just use the 2600 as parts, or take it apart for something to do. Then toss it.

The Dell Poweredge 2900, works great! Although the damn thing feels like its over 100lbs. IT IS HEAVY. So here are the specs of it.

CPU/S: Two Xenon Dual Core processors @ 2.55Ghz


DVD Drive: 16X (thing is slow as hell)

Hardrives: (These things are fast)

1.) 150GB 10k RPM scuzzy

2.) 150GB 10k RPM scuzzy

3.) 150GB 10k RPM scuzzy

4.) 300GB 10k RPM scuzzy

Video Card: AMD ES1000 16mb (Pretty much just makes it possible to see the desktop)

Right now, i dont have the hard drives raided, but i am running peppermint on the 300GB, and i plan on enabling the others as standard partitions. I am currently using it for a media server, and hopefully i will start another private minecraft server, and possibly a PoP3 server.

I had heard that i could even put in a old 512mb PCI express 1.0 card (8x), and play games on it. I dont have one of those cards anymore, and i dont think i really want to buy one, just to be able to do that. Although i am sure this server could play some pretty cool games. Right now it will just be a media server to stream to my PS3 in the living room. I was actually shocked that its alot quieter than my desktop computer is..haha.

Here is a picture of it.


The Poweredge 2900 is on the left.

Just thought i would share that with you! If i ever decide to do some testing with it, i will let you know. Mostly hardware related anyway. Linux seemed to install just fine on it.

5 comments on “Got a new(old) Server! Dell Poweredge 2900

  1. Mark W says:

    I think the specs on your system is the same as mine. your processors should be 2.66Ghz and your drives are 149GB SAS drives (serial attached SCSI) running at 15.5K rpm. Go to the Dell web site and punch in the tag number and it should give you the specs. Then download the manuals and learn how to configure raid. It is a waste to have the drives spinning on the system when your not taking full advantage of them. I put mine on the scale and it weighs 85 pounds. I am going to drop in 3 more drives, add a bunch more memory and step up the processors to 3Ghz all for less than 300 buckaroos.. now it should weigh about 90 pounds. Yea, and I got my PE2900 from work and a PE2800 as well from stuff they were throwing out. I retrieved mine when they told me to put them into the dumpsters. I don,t plan on running mine full time on the network because they suck down so much power. I will turn it on when I need the server to back up stuff and do some other productive things. When I am tired of playing with it, I will wipe it out and send it to a recycler for cash….good find!

    • orkultus says:

      Well i added a Nvidia GT 218 512mb graphics card to it. It was a PCIE X1, and i just put it in the 8x slot. Works great! I am currently using it as my SteamOS Box, in my living room. It does In-Home Streaming on Steam very well!


  2. Steve says:

    Hey! I’ve been trying to install Ubuntu server on my 2900 to no avail. I am able to pick a drive/partition and complete the install, but can’t seem to boot after quitting the install process after rebooting.

    Any thoughts?

  3. chris mcgrane says:

    Did you have any issues getting Peppermint installed? Did you use DVD or USB? I have recently picked up an old Poweredge 2900 same as yours. Not got it raided either, as the controller was broken, but have a 500gb sata plugged in and ready for the OS to be installed on. Struggling to get the server to recognise my USB – despite turning on hard drive emulation in the bios etc.

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