My thoughts about Humble Bundle.

What is it with these humble bundles that come out one after another that only support windows.. It is starting to piss me off. Why cant they make a slider on the payment page that says “Donate money to developers to make a linux / mac port”. You know how much money they would get?? enough to build a new AAA game im sure. Would be well enough to pay for a port. I def think this should be on their page.

For my situation, and possibly for many others…all my friends get these games, play the hell out of em, and get board by the time i get a linux version. That is if they even eventually get a Linux version of a game seen on Humble Bundle. Of course i could just stop complaining and shackle myself down to a Windoze OS..but that is a sign of weakness. We will win this battle..we just have to keep fighting.

Sorry..i am just venting.


One comment on “My thoughts about Humble Bundle.

  1. Kazriko says:

    I know, it’s getting quite annoying. What I do instead now is I look at which games have a linux version, and I push the slider way down on any game that doesn’t when I pay for the bundle. I’m hoping that they’ll notice this tiny gesture and start developing for linux on the other bundles. At least the “Humble Indie Bundles” usually all have linux versions. Maybe the situation will get better when SteamOS officially releases.

    Until then, any game that is released for consoles but not linux I usually just play on the consoles. I only have a couple of windows only games that I want to play at this point.

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