Strike Suit Zero Steam Linux Beta.

So i am in the Linux beta for Strike Suit Zero on Steam. It has been rough, since alot of issues so far are bad resolution errors, and graphical glitches. I have been able to run the game on my Optimus laptop with slight graphical glitches, but well enough to actually play the game. If you are in the beta, and want to try the game out decently on a laptop with Optimus in Linux..i have made a bash script that will load the game via “primusrun”. It loads the game without steam having to be opened, but that just means you cant save your progress. So i suggest running the script with steam opened. Also note that you will get odd graphical glitches during cutscenes, and loading intros..the game will still work out pretty well. You will notice some white boxes during missions that are usually destination markers, and such. Also note, that the game loads up in fullscreen. On my laptop it loaded up into a decent i dont even bother messing with the resolution. Changing it will just cause problems. is the bash script i made.

Let me know how it works. Also dont forget that they have a forum as well, so you can read up and submit new bugs to help these guys make this game better!

Have fun!



Also!.. my name on the forum is MintyLinux.

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