My Thoughts on Unity Games on Linux.

Well im gonna rant about a few pro’s and con’s about what i feel towards the Unity Engine. I am glad they made the effort to bring it to Linux, and open up so many more devs to the option to supply us with a ton more games. It has encouraged alot of other developers who dont use Unity to create more native ports of games for Linux as well.

As for the performance of the engine…well i feel it is a bit sluggish, and doesn’t even compare to the source engine(which is 10x faster and 10x better looking). Ive noticed that it does not work well with fullscreen support most of the time. How it uses mono kind of bothers me. That project felt like it was going out the window soon.

As for my thoughts about the Developers who use the Unity 4.0. I have noticed that alot of developers who say that they are going to release their game on “Linux, Windows, and Mac”, decide to build their game around this Middleware that only seems to work on Windows and Mac. This causing them to have to work even more, and take longer to release the Linux version. Why they do this, just doesn’t make sense. I know they are in a rush to get their game out and working for Windows platform first. They always are..but wouldn’t it just make things easier to work on all three versions of the game so that they all work well at launch?

I dont know..but the way the Unity team described how easy it is to export to Linux…just sounds like a lie.

As for the steam greenlight community. It makes me wonder if alot of those devs are lying about making a native client for all three OS’s just to get their game onto steam. You try and ask a dev about a Linux version, and they just run around in circles and never give you a direct answer. They always say they are using the Unity engine, but they never release the Linux version of any of their demos. Only a few have, and i thank those devs for that.

So that pretty much clears up how i feel about it. I mean it has brought some good games to Linux, and i do enjoy them. I just wish most of the devs (not all), were smarter when it came to releasing their games with it.

2 comments on “My Thoughts on Unity Games on Linux.

  1. orkultus says:

    Heres a good example…This guy on kickstarter is making a game called precinct. He is asking for 500k for the release..but he wants 200k more for a Linux release. He is using the Unity Engine.

    How does this make sense?

  2. Gordon says:

    I totally agree, it’s so annoying that we always have to wait for a Linux version release.

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