Questions or Problems? (Linux Related)

If you have any questions or problems of your own with Linux, please let me know! I am here to help out everyone! Even if you would like a tutor to help learn how to use Linux, i am fantastic for that as well. Just let me know!



6 comments on “Questions or Problems? (Linux Related)

  1. Sasho says:

    I tried every possible solution for the wifi problem with the Atheros AR9462 card and it still drops the net. I tried the solutions from your site and nothing seems to work. Please tell me if you have any ideas how to make it work

    • orkultus says:

      I see a few people have the same problem still. This is odd, because i have been using this adapter flawlessly after disabling IPv6. I will do some research. Also this maybe your router as well. what is your router channel set to?

  2. joe says:

    For some reason Bumblebee performance (with primus) is nowhere near what I get in Windows. Even tried going to the 313 driver from 304 and nothing seems to have changed. The game has constant pauses during action, then smooths out. I even lowered settings to try and make it playable but it doesn’t seem to help. On Windows I can run everything maxed out and it’s smooth.

    Is this an issue with Bumblebee? Using something as a “bridge” instead of directly? I’d like to figure out a fix if there’s one out there.

  3. orkultus says:

    Ok so i am running the 325 drivers. I notice that “sometimes” not always, that when you first land in a match in TF2, i start to see a bit of a light jerkiness while looking around and then it goes away. I will share with you my Bumblebee.conf file. I am running the Nvidia GT640M 2GB.


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