Data General One Model 2 (1984)

So i just wanted to share this old piece of ancient history. (More like a paperweight now)..haha. I got this from my roomate, and i have gotten it to start up. It requires a Dos disk to boot up, and i haven’t seen one of those in years. I can boot it up to a menu, but that’s about it. I have been looking into creating a set of Floppix disks to boot into a unix command line. Other than that, i really dont know what i could use it for. It just sits in my room, collecting dust..haha

Anyway, here are the specs, and a picture of this dinosaur.

CPU: 80C88 – 4 Mhz

RAM: 128-512Kb


Screen: 80×25 LCD Monochrome

Graphics: 640×256 (CGA)

Storage: 1 or 2 internal 3.5″ 720Kb, external 5.25″ 360Kb

Serial Port: 1 RS232C/RS-422, 1 RS-232C

Price back then: 2895 USD

So yeah…haha this thing is ancient.


Hope you enjoyed this!


2 comments on “Data General One Model 2 (1984)

  1. orkultus says:

    I also remember back in the day, i had a commodore amiga 3500, that had boxes full of 3 1/4 inch floppies with nothing but games. I miss that thing so much. If i remember right, it got fried and wouldn’t start up after that.

  2. ioconnor says:

    That was one of my dream machines back in the day. Just before I bought one of the first macs and became a mac cultist. (Took me only seven years before somebody intervened and I got deprogrammed. I’m happy to say I’ve now been Apple free for 22 years and counting!)

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