DLLNotFoundException:Libc6 ( Planet Explorers ) Nvidia Optimus

So i have been trying to run the new Linux client of Planet Explorers, on my Laptop. I have been getting an error after the Pathea logo. I have tried the client on my desktop with a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 2GB, and it’s been working well. I have been getting the following error.


Here is a screenshot of it.


I have posted it on their website, and am waiting for a reply with some help. I will keep in touch on any updates. Not sure if i am the only one having this problem, but either way, i will figure this out.



2 comments on “DLLNotFoundException:Libc6 ( Planet Explorers ) Nvidia Optimus

  1. orkultus says:

    So far, the Dev’s aren’t helping much. They replied “It looks like it is trying to run with your intel card”. Which i know isn’t the case, because ive been trying to run it with “optirun” and “primusrun”, which has been working well with everything else.

  2. eshep says:

    I’m also having this same problem on a laptop with intel video card and a desktop with nvidia.

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