My constant use of terminal commands (This is for new Linux users)

For those new people who read my blog, and are new to Linux, and are not use to using a terminal; I know i explain things by terminal commands alot…and im sorry. I personaly believe that getting use to the terminal, and learning to love it, is the best way to understand how linux works. Some time soon i will write a post for those who want to learn their way around it. It is a very important part of linux. It can help you fix many errors / crashes, when a GUI is not available. (Trust me, i have had to deal with many Xorg crashes in my life). Having a unix command prompt has saved me many times. I know it can be intimidating, but you will thank yourself later for taking the time to learn the commands. It will eventually grow on you, and you will find yourself using it alot, because it just seems quicker, and easier to do.

I personally am so use to a terminal, that when i sit down at a “Windows” PC; it starts driving me crazy, because it’s not there, and i feel like i need it (Maybe it’s just me). When i use the command prompt in windows (Dos Prompt), i found myself using linux commands instead of dos commands, and found out that i actually have forgotten many dos commands (Not like im worried about it at all) 😉

Anyway. If you have any questions or comments, or would like me to teach you a few things about the terminal, just let me know! Always glad to help out!



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