From Linux Mint 14 64bit, to Peppermint OS Three 32bit.

Ok, so im the type of person who likes to switch around with linux distros alot. Mostly to learn and discover new things. I recently re-installed my laptop with my other favorite distro called Peppermint OS Three ” “. I went to 32bit, with pae support. I was interested in seeing the difference on how things handled between 32bit and 64bit. Since ive always had  a computer running 64bit distros, i was only use to having to deal with installing lib32 files in order to get things to work. So using 32bit linux is a bit of a new thing to me. I mean i did use 32bit linux years ago, before 64bit existed, but in this day in age, things have changed. So far i find it very simple, and less annoying not having to install 32bit libs. Of course im still really use to downloading 64bit packages, and forgetting that i am running 32bit..haha. Oh well, its been pretty fun. As for installing this 32bit Peppermint OS Three on my Acer V3-771G. It wasn’t much different than how i had to install Linux Mint 14.


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