iBomberAttack with Nvidia Optimus.

So for a while i was having a problem getting iBomberAttack to load with my Optimus setup. I had tried both “optirun“, and “primusrun“, but they both wouldn’t start the game. “optirun” would crash with no output, and “primusrun” would crash with a “segmentation fault“. My desktop however with a Nvidia GT 550 Ti 2GB, had no problem. I looked through the steam forum, and a few people were having a problem with it not loading. So either they had patched it, or when bumblebee 3.1 came out, it might of had a fix. (Bumblebee 3.1) will be a next post…i have issues. So i had to make a script in order to get iBomberAttack to run, just like every other game in Steam. So here is what i did.

1.) Create a file in your iBomberAttack folder..i called mine “opti-bomber.sh“.

2.) gedit “opti-bomber.sh

3.) add this to it


     LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/.steam/bin SteamAppID=218660 optirun -c yuv ./iBomberAttack

4.) Save the file and then do the following command “chmod +x opti-bomber.sh

5.) run it like so “./opti-bomber.sh

Hope this helps out! Im glad it’s finally working.

PS. If you would rather use primusrun, then replace LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/.steam/bin SteamAppID=218660 optirun -c yuv ./iBomberAttack, with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/.steam/bin SteamAppID=218660 primusrun ./iBomberAttack


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