Bumblebee daemon failed to start at startup after upgrade to 3.1

So i found out that it was an intentional change by the bumblee dev. The reason had been that it was causing some graphical environments to fail. I wanted it to start automaticly cause i was tired of having to type in “sudo service bumblebeed start” after finding out that my games weren’t accessing the nvidia card because i forgot to start it up. So i found a solution that worked for me.

In my “/etc/init” folder, i had to create a file called “bumblebeed.override“.

then i added the following to it

start on    (runlevel [2345])
stop on     (runlevel [016])

Then i saved the file, and rebooted my computer, and fixed…it started up the daemon for bumblebeed with no problems.

Hope this helps!


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