Legends of Aethereus stuck loading screens while in Cinnamon.

I have noticed while going on my missions in Legends of Aethereus that while the loading screen starts up to load the next area, it will stay on that screen, and not go back to the game. I have found out that Alt Tabbing would make the loading screen go away, and i could continue to keep playing, but the desktop mouse cursor would be shown at the end of the in game cursor, and my controls would be all wonky. I found out that it’s having an issue with cinnamon,  and my only way of playing it with no errors was to play it through a different Desktop environment. I just ended up installing LXDE. I love LXDE anyway.

If i do find a solution for the cinnamon issue, i will post it.


2 comments on “Legends of Aethereus stuck loading screens while in Cinnamon.

  1. MariaG says:

    Hi Orkultus! Our beta testers reported a similar issue on our forum (this is the thread: http://forum.threegates.se/index.php?topic=1320) and their solution was to do what you did, installing lxde…
    If you can supply us with more details about this issue, please do so to our mail at info@threegates.se, or get in touch on our forums and maybe we can help each other solve this cinnamon-issue together. 😉
    Best regards;
    MariaG, community manager at ThreeGates

  2. orkultus says:

    So as of lately, i have noticed that while in cinnamon and playing this game, the loading screen will still sort of hang, although ive noticed for me anyway, clicking the mouse button a few times will make it go away.

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